"It evidences the swashbuckling joy of theology." –Kevin Hargaden, Irish Theological Quarterly, 82(1).

"One part the intellectual–historical narration of MacIntyre, one part the ideological criticism of Žižek, and another part the theological exegesis of Bonhoeffer, Gregory Wagenfuhr's study offers a compelling account of the ways in which the logic of monetary economics has dominated and continues to shape human relationships. The tonic he proposes is a rediscovery of the radically subversive form of Christian existence prescribed in the New Testament—one in which reconciliation, rather than exchange, sets us free. For anyone despairing the domesticated gospel of Christendom, this book will be a cup of cold water in the desert. An exciting read!" –Justin Stratis, Tutor in Christian Doctrine, Director of Postgraduate Research, Trinity College Bristol

"In a world where the economy pervades every cultural domain; where money dominates our imagination; and where consumption defines our identity; we need increasing clarity about all things economic. Gregory gifts us with a prophetic perspective that will help us discern the spiritual dangers inherent in the system." –Alan Hirsch: Author & Activist,