Plundering Egypt

About GP Wagenfuhr's latest book, Plundering Egypt.

Have you ever wondered how it is that Jesus can say "You cannot serve both God and money" and yet Christians seem to have no problem claiming to do both? Have you ever wondered how it is that human creativity so often ends in disastrous unintended consequences? Plundering Egypt is a book about these things and so much more. It is about how human society has changed in relation to economic models, how economic understanding has influenced our world and how all of this relates to theology. 

Money is a profoundly human creation, deeply rooted in a certain version of religion quite at odds with the God of Abraham, David, and Jesus. Plundering Egypt is a clarion call to end the domination of the world by economics by the subversive power of the love of Jesus Christ.

You can read an excerpt used here with permission from Wipf and Stock Publishers.


Cascade Books, 2016

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